Ross Malcolm Boyd’s “Clouds”

Is Music You Can Stretch To

Ross creates luxurious sounds that invite organic movement and sooth and caress your inner being.
— Ruth Schaulkhauser Tower, Peace Tree Yoga

Ross Malcolm Boyd is a songwriter and composer who has been traveling the US performing his quirky rock tunes. For his latest release, Clouds, the vocals and loud guitars give way to a warm sea of synthesizers. Clouds was inspired by the improvisational electronic music Boyd has been performing for yoga classes across the country.

In his home state of New Hampshire, Ross performed with various rock bands in bars and other places one might find loud music. While he continues to play loud music, his softer side is nothing new. As a teenager, his time under the tutelage of pianist Patrick Lee Hebert exposed him to artists such as Erik Satie and George Winston. His interest in electronic music would come not only from pop music but soundtracks by artists like Tangerine Dream and Vangelis. These influences are often buried under layers of production, but Clouds allows them to shine.

Though Clouds can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to yoga or meditation practices, it was written as a piece of music to be listened to. The secrets buried at the bottom of this electronic ocean are meant to be found. Ross is currently on tour with upcoming performances in New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.


Artist: Ross Malcolm Boyd Album: Clouds Release Date: 5/10/2019

Track List: 1. Crepuscular Rays 2. Mercy Of The Winds 3. Moorings 4. Passage 5. Clouds 6. Room For Ghosts 7. Parting Ways

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