Music For Yoga

Ross Malcolm Boyd is a composer, musician and educator. Although much of his music falls under the “quirky alternative rock” heading, he also explores improvisation and collaboration with other artists and art forms. He began collaborating with All Terrain Yoga in Boulder, Colorado in the summer of 2018, and the following fall he shared his talents at special classes with Turtlesong Yoga in Hooksett, NH and Peace Tree Yoga (PTY) in Northwood, NH.

Of his work, Ruth Schaulkhauser Tower of PTY says “Ross creates luxurious sounds that invite organic movement and sooth and caress your inner being. When he played a sample of his music I could have listened to it for hours! As he travels all over you won’t want to miss the opportunity to practice yoga while he’s here.”

Here is a sample of music akin to that which Ross improvises for yoga classes:

If you’re interested in collaborating, or if you work with instructors who might be interested, we’re happy to share more, including scheduling and how we typically structure compensation. 

ross w guitar.jpg

Ruth Schaulkhauser Tower
Owner and Instructor at Peace Tree Yoga, Northwood, NH

Jenna Bee
Owner and Instructor at All Terrain Yoga, Boulder, CO

Judi Cofrin
Owner and Instructor at Turtlesong Yoga, Hooksett, NH