Here are some links to things you'll probably like.

Ross Malcolm Boyd on Bandcamp - Stream or download RMB sounds on Bandcamp.

Tiny Village Music - The official website devoted to our teaching business.

Ross and Jamie Adventure - A blog about a couple of musicians living on the road.

In Search Of A Scoop - A blog about ice cream. Because everybody likes ice cream.

Tuna Fish Discrepancy - My band. Based out of Southern NH. Dig it.

Resonant Fish - Artist Collin David designed the album cover for Leading Toward Something. You can find more of his excellent work here.

Distractions Media - Live play RPG podcasts, video game livestreams, and more. Get your nerd fix.

Not Your Mom's Musical Theater - Bringing innovative, lesser known musicals to New Hampshire.

Headhat Records - A web label full of free albums! (You can donate money if that's your thing). I have some music on there. Get downloadin'.

GIANstudios - Nat Ward is a good friend and longtime collaborator. You can keep up with all the cool stuff he's doing here.

The Fitted Shirt - A cool band you should definitely listen to.